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Historic Hattie B's torn down to build two "Tall, Skinny" Locations


MIDTOWN Nashville's iconic hot chicken establishment Hattie B's has decided to tear down its original 1924 building in favor of two thinner, but taller buildings on the original lot. In a move mirroring perhaps Nashville's most archetypal housing trend, the restaurant has demolished the historic original location, including its boring historic charm and outdated original details, in favor of two ultra-modern-neo-boho-eco-urban "tall, skinny" buildings with hardwood floors, marble counters, space to entertain and a walk-in closet to die for. The two buildings seem to look identical but company representatives spent the next 4 minutes pointing out the barely-noticeable differences.

"We want to improve the experience. For us, I mean. Now we can serve twice as many people and make twice as much money. Which is the real reason we're all here in Nashville, isn't it?"

Company Representative

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