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Business of the Month - June Park

As a small business owner, it is very important to me to support other small businesses and self-employed friends. I know the power of referrals and have been fortunate to rely only on them to grow my real estate business. So, I would like to pass it on and showcase a small business each month I have personally patronized that I love. My hope is that it may help grow their business and turn you on to someone you may not have previously known about.

This month that busines...s is Katie Convertino and her children's clothing company, June Park ( June Park specializes in handmade children's clothing that's simple, timeless, and really great quality. She incorporates a bit of fun and quirkiness into each individual piece by drawing on unique features, patterns, and colors. Her philosophy is that comfortable and fun clothing will allow a child to feel free to explore, imagine, and play while wearing June Park.

Katie is very talented and her enthusiasm and creativity shines through in her work - check out June Park for some GREAT clothes for your kiddos!

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