"Mike has helped my wife and I buy two properties now, and each time he searched until he found us the perfect place.  His thoroughness, knowledge, and integrity are truly something of value when it comes to buying real estate."
- Jeremy & Melissa Spillman

"Mike helped us buy our current home and we could not have been happier with him. He was patient and truly wanted us to love where we live. He was also very knowledgeable about the price values in the area and was not afraid to help us get a great price on our house, which we did! We have house hunted again since then and he has been so patient and willing to help, even when we weren't sure we were ready to buy, which we decided we were not. He encouraged us to look and showed us houses but also encouraged us not to buy if we were not ready. I recommend him highly. He's proven his honesty and knowledge of the market. You can tell he's interested in long-term, happy clients, not just a quick sale."
- Bill & Leah Crutchfield

"If you are in the market for real estate in the Nashville area, you would be remiss in not using Mark Dunham as your broker. My wife and I wanted to retire from Chicago to the Nashville area with no idea as to who to engage as a broker. We consulted with a broker we know in Florida and she recommended we contact Mark. We could not have made a better choice. Mark has a superior knowledge of the entire Nashville market along with the ability and patience to identify what we were really looking for in a home in the towns we were interested in. Our first trip consisted of looking at various neighborhoods. Once we found an area that appealed to us, the second trip consisted of looking at 20 houses in one day. While this may seem overwhelming, Mark's organizational skills made separating the "wheat from the chaff rather easy and kept us focused on the elements that were important to us. We ended up buying a new construction "spec house that was partially finished. Mark would send us weekly progress videos and stayed on top of the project through closing, giving valuable suggestions as to what could and should be done. Mark developed an excellent rapport with the developer's staff and became our local "project manager for the purchase, thus sparing us the hassle of making constant trips from Chicago to Nashville to work out all the details that inevitably arise. Mark demonstrated a degree of professionalism, ability and commitment to the client I had yet to see in a real estate broker. His knowledge of the market and gracious personality make him the hands down "go-to broker in Nashville. He has my highest recommendation and heartfelt gratitude for a job well done.
Larry Karlin

"Mike didn't ask me to write this.  Well, technically he did, but he didn't ask me to write precisely what I'm writing. I've purchased two homes, and both times I lost sleep, gained wrinkles, and prayed for the whole heart-wrenching ordeal to be over.  With Mike - almost literally - holding our hands, everything went great.  It went so well, in fact, that I started to get suspicious that it was going too well.  But then I realized it was just that we had an awesome agent who was taking care of us.  He called to check in, he returned calls, he did what he said he'd do, and more.  He kept his cool when there was a banker-generated snafu and made sure everything went down the way it was supposed to.  Mike's the best.  I know two other people who worked with him to get their houses, and they're mad about him, too.
- Tami & Richard Pearce  

"Mike is the most professional, knowledgeable Realtor I've ever worked with.  My wife and I looked for months before we found our perfect home.  Mike was ever patient, accommodating, and good natured.  When it came to negotiating the purchase he was thorough, thoughtful, and firm.  We got our dream home and a good deal.  I've since recommended Mike to several friends, and they too have been well pleased.  Simply put, Mike rocks.
- Fred Wilhelm

"Our home was on the market with another realtor for over two years. We signed with Mike Post, and within a short time he had a buyer. Mike is a very competent, professional realtor who worked to get us the most money in the shortest time. I only wish we had signed with him initially. I highly recommend using him to sell your home; and, when you do, listen to everything he suggests-he knows how to sell houses." 
- Rev. Ed Inman

"In my opinion, the one word that describes Mike Post is 'integrity.'  The process of buying or selling a home isn't always simple, but Mike's honesty lets me know we'll have positive results. 
- Rosanna McDonald

"My wife and I were looking for our first home, Mark was extremely helpful and showed us several houses a day until we found the perfect one. We ended up being the first people to visit a property that had just gone on the market that night. Thanks to his availability and quick work we submitted the first offer and had it accepted in short order. He used electronic signatures so it was extremely easy for my wife and I to sign off on required documents so that we could keep the whole process moving. Mark did a great job walking us through everything we would need to do to be ready, and did a great job negotiating all of the repairs/improvements we wanted. In the end, with his hard work, we closed on our home and can begin the next stage in our life. I absolutely won't hesitate to recommend Mark to anyone I know looking for a Realtor. It was great working with a Realtor who was primarily concerned with making sure my wife and I found what we wanted and was able to provide invaluable advice along the way. 
Ted Miller

"I moved to Nashville from out of state. Mike was very knowledgeable about the different areas of Nashville and showed me all around the city until we found the right area for me. When I looked at houses I never felt rushed and it was evident that Mike wanted to find the right house for me; he wasn't just trying to make a sale. He is truly a fantastic realtor and I recommend him whenever I have the opportunity. When I sell/buy my next house, I will definitely be calling Mike!" 
- Anya McIntosh

"As rather inexperienced homebuyers, my wife and I couldn't have had a better Realtor.  Mike guided us through every aspect of our transaction and patiently answered every question.  His expertise on real estate and specifically the market in Middle Tennessee allowed us to find the perfect balance of location, price, and strategy.  He went above and beyond the role of most Realtors as we wrestled through mortgage related issues¦calming, encouraging, and getting the deal done!  We love our house and can't wait to utilize Mike Post for any real estate needs down the road.  Thanks again Mike, you are the best! "
- David & Chelsea Ferris

"In a down market when no other comps in my area had sold in the last 18 months, Mike pulled off the impossible and delivered a buyer. It was not luck. It was the direct result of his dedication, diligence and thorough approach to the selling process. Character + Integrity + Professionalism = Mike Post." 
- John Sepetys

"We were looking for a unique property with a great vibe for a recording studio.  Mike's knowledge of the area and his understanding of our needs were right on.  We found exactly what we were looking for and at the right price.  I never felt pressured or neglected. It was a very positive experience.  Thanks, Mike."
- Pat Beraudo

"Particularly for a turbulent time in real estate, Mike's guidance and assurance made the process of selling easier than I could have imagined. Also, his initiative and ability to understand what I was looking for led to the fast find of my new home. For my busy life, Mike's service was impeccable."
- Mike Molinar

 "Mike Post removes anxiety from the real estate process and replaces it with joy and confidence. His attention to detail and knowledge of the market is unparalleled. When we have a real estate question, our first call is to Mike.
- Michael Smith & Ruta Sepetys

"I found Mike to be an extremely responsive Realtor for many reasons, but the most important aspect of our business relationship was the excellent communication and follow-through he provided. I was never left 'in the dark' at any point during the process. Mike clearly communicated all relevant information in a very timely manner, and was extremely active in finding listings tailored to my situation as a buyer. I was absolutely satisfied with my entire experience with Mike."
- Allan Hall

As a first-time homebuyer in a new city, it was important to me to work with an experienced realtor I could trust, and Mark is just that. He is professional but personable and always had my best interest in mind. He was patient with me throughout the process and gave me valuable insight whenever I asked for his opinion, but I never felt pressured into any decisions. Mark worked tirelessly”sometimes in the middle of the night”to find the perfect house, which I now call home. I would highly recommend Mark to anyone looking to purchase in Nashville!
- Patrick Smith

"Mike went beyond the call of duty while helping locate my first investment property...he even found my first tenant!" 
- Mark Schwartz

"As a Realtor, Mike is the best.  He's no pressure and all about helping YOU figure out what you want and need in a new home!  I would recommend Mike to ANYONE looking for a Realtor and friend.
- Melanie Miller

"I have worked with other Realtors in the past and can honestly say that Mark is heads and shoulders above the rest. For the first time I found someone who actually listened to what I needed, responded quickly whenever I asked a question and did an all over great job! I don't give praise easily, but Mark earned it. When I look for another property, this is the person I want to work with and I highly recommend him."
- Marcia Neiman

"Mike Post helped me sell my home in the Oak Hill area. He is honest, dependable and extremely knowledgeable in his field. I was impressed by his professionalism at every turn. He has an easy going personality and works diligently to close the deal. I would highly recommend Mike!"
- Julie Wood Vassar



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